Zero Tolerance Policy

Sportsmanship is essential to our organization. Sportsmanship includes a behavior and attitude from players, umpires, coaches, parents, and fans that demonstrate mutual respect.

In our continuing effort to encourage a positive support base for our athletes, East Peoria Girls Fastpitch Association has adopted a “Zero Tolerance Policy”.

The aim of this policy is not only the promotion of sportsmanship, but also to encourage positive and effective communication between our Board, our athletes, our parents, and our coaches.

Any person that demonstrates behavior that is detrimental to our program can be removed from the program. Detrimental behavior includes the verbal abuse of EPGFA players, coaches, spectators, umpires, or Board Members. All participants in our program will be held to this standard.

While one of the primary goals of EPGFA is the promotion of good sportsmanship, it should be understood that poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated under any circumstance.

This policy will be enforced by EPGFA umpires and Board Members.

The final decision pertaining to the removal of anyone from our program lies with our Board of Directors.